1T8 Class Council 2017-2018

What's your favourite #tbt moment in Pharmacy school?

"Hearing Ajay's sneeze literally echo throughout the lecture hall every class"


Vivian Tang

"Throwback to Phrosh, when John Ngo told us he didn't believe in hypnosis & that it wouldn't work on him...20 mins later he was dancing across the stage like a ballerina!"

Vice President

Joel Thomas

"Performing as pregnant Beyonce at the Lip Sync Battle"


Sara Tawadrous

"Phrosh Week"

Faculty Rep

Krishan Kanesalingam

"When John Ngo was the class guinea pig for all of Nardine's minor ailments products"

Faculty Rep

Amanda Carroccia

"Cooking 200 eggs in a span of 1.5 hours for Phrosh Week"

Residency Rep

Alexander Mok 

"Chilling in the lecture hall seats with friends and eating out with friends after exams :)"

Recruitment Rep

Ran Shu

"The countless nights spent cramming, napping, laughing and living life at PB"

Graduation Rep

Hillary Wen 

"Grad Trip!! #nomorefinals"

Graduation Rep

Terence Yuen

"Serenading students in my panda suit"

Monograph Rep

Linda Yang

"The moment when Semi-Formal was over & everyone had a blast. Phew"


Aveline Tung